Why The Internet Is Better Than Books?

Browsing the internet is better than reading books for boosting the brain power of middle-aged and older adults, new research has found.

Scientists discovered that searching the world wide web exercised the mind far more than reading and was similar to completing crosswords and puzzles.

Why are computers better than books?

Furthermore, computers enable employees to work from home which saves time as well as some expenses for their travel. In general viewpoint, most of us think computers are better than books, but in fact, we need to realize why books are better than a computer.

Which is better books or screens?

But these days, many people prefer books in digital form—that is, on the screen of a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Studies have shown that reading print books has more benefits than reading on screens. People who read on paper are better able to focus on what they’re reading. So they understand it better.

Why are books more accurate than the Internet?

The main reason that the Internet is less reliable than a book is because anybody can upload something to the internet. Online, you can say something without backing it up, whereas if you make a claim in a reference book, you have to be able to state your source.

Is Internet better than books?

Books are better than internet. But Books also have it’s own role in our life. It is more useful than internet .Book give us knowledge better than internet. Internet take our lots of time,but with the help of books we can get things easily.