Quick Answer: What Does Textbook Example Mean?

Definition of ‘textbook’

If you say that something is a textbook case or example, you are emphasizing that it provides a clear example of a type of situation or event.

What does a textbook case mean?

Noun. textbook case (plural textbook cases) A real-life case that matches the theory perfectly, a perfect example.

What is the genre of a textbook?

The two types of books can be further divided into many different sub-types, called “genres.”

Book Genres.

RomanceSelf help
Science fictionTrue crime
Short story

22 more rows

What is another word for textbook?

Words Related to textbook

  • grammar, reader, speller.
  • tract, treatise.
  • dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook.
  • casebook, encyclopedia, reference.
  • bible, guide, guidebook.

Is text book one word?

While textbook can be written as one word or two words connected with a hyphen, plus it can also be an adjective (= being a characteristic example of its kind; classic: a textbook case of schizophrenia), coursebook as one word is considered incorrect by most spell checkers.