Quick Answer: Do You Pay Extra For Breakfast At Premier Inn?

Is breakfast included in Travelodge prices?

***Up to 2 children aged 15 and and under eat breakfast free per paying adult.

Does not include breakfast box.

Breakfast served every morning, 7am – 10am weekdays, and 8am – 11am weekends and Bank Holidays..

Do Travelodge rooms get cheaper?

Book directly with Travelodge, as you’ll always find the lowest prices on their website. Plan in advance as the best value rooms go early. You can book up to 325 days in advance so the further ahead you book, the more likely you are to find the cheapest rooms.

Can I pay for breakfast at Premier Inn on the day?

9 answers. Yes you can choose breakfast on the day. Children are FREE. It’s a premier inn and the breakfasts are super.

Is breakfast extra at Premier Inn?

The Premier Inn Breakfast includes everything in the continental selection, plus tea and Costa coffee. Up to two kids eat breakfast for free when an adult orders the Premier Inn Breakfast.

Can I bring food to my hotel room?

Food is usually OK to bring into hotel room if it’s not too messy and / or smelly. There will propably be a kettle, tea, coffee, mugs, teaspoons, but no other crockery or cutlery, so make sure you bring your own, whether metal / camping from home or disposable from take away place.

Is it cheaper to book Premier Inn in advance?

Book early. Premier Inn sets the prices of its rooms depending on the level of demand, so by booking early you’re more likely to get the best deal. In general, its rooms are put on sale one year in advance.

Do Premier Inn rooms have a fridge?

As a low cost hotel chain, Premier Inn does not offer fridges in the rooms. Please be aware however, that your chosen hotel’s reception team may be able to store items such as medication for you.

How much is a breakfast at Premier Inn?

The new full Premier Inn breakfast is just £8.99 and you can eat as much as you like from the great self-service buffet, with a wide selection of hot and cold selections including the new cooked menu which now includes bubble ‘n’ squeak and black pudding alongside all the well known favourites such as crispy back bacon …

Can you pay for Premier Inn on the day?

Can I pay in advance or on arrival? Flex bookings for Premier Inn hotels can be paid for on arrival. However, Flex bookings for hub and ZIP hotels need to be paid for in advance, as do bookings made on all other rates.

Can you just walk into a Premier Inn?

You won’t find a lower price anywhere else. We always show all available rates on premierinn.com and our mobile apps. We don’t hold any rooms back for telephone or walk-in bookings.

Does Travelodge have free breakfast?

Let us help! Travelodge provides you with a place to put your feet up at night and starts you off on the right foot each morning. Refuel with a free continental breakfast at most locations (or an onsite restaurant) and stay connected with free WiFi.

Is Premier Inn breakfast all you can eat?

Our breakfasts will now be delivered to your table, but is still all-you-can-eat. The Premier Inn Breakfast includes freshly-cooked bacon, sausages, eggs cooked just how you like them and much more.

How do I get a free breakfast at Premier Inn?

The secret to getting free breakfast at Premier Inn hotels is to become a shareholder in the brand’s parent company – Whitbread. “Shareholders with a holding of 64 shares or more are eligible to receive a shareholder benefits card. The Premier Inn and restaurant benefits are available through the shareholder card.

Can you eat breakfast at Premier Inn without staying?

Yes you can. Priced for hot or buffet breakfast.

Can you go to a hotel just for breakfast?

At such “hotel chains”, simply no, you cannot generally just arrive and take part in breakfast, it’s only a thing for hotel guests. The hotel chains don’t really have a full service restaurant, they simply have a process where guests get a breakfast in the morning.

Is Premier Inn tap water drinkable?

Yes, it’s safe to drink.

Can you bring someone back to your hotel room?

Each hotel has the maximum number of people you can bring to a room for the same price. … I seriously doubt a front desk clerk — even at a small-ish property — would even notice if you brought someone back to your room. Hotels don’t generally keep tabs on individual guests in such a fashion.

What is included in Travelodge breakfast?

To compensate for such situations, Travelodge have launched a “go bag” breakfast or breakfast box. It includes a bag filled with some food items such as a piece of fresh fruit, muffin, yogurt, breakfast bar and a bottle of fresh Orange Juice, tea or coffee for just £4.