Quick Answer: Is Self Publishing Worth It?

Yes, self-publishing is an investment, but you decide how much money or time to invest – and the initial investment can really be worth it.

Self-published authors get a whopping 60-85% of royalties per book (depending on the retailer).

Is it a good idea to self publish?

Since, in short, your traditional publisher isn’t likely to market your book, you need to. In fact, if you’re a non-fiction-author-wannabe, most traditional publishers won’t take you on just because you’ve got a great idea. So self-publish and start marketing yourself and your fiction pronto.

Does self publishing hurt your chances?

Self-publishing probably will not hurt your chances of traditional publishing. There was a stigma, as you know, attached to self publishing, and authors who went that route risked alienating those in traditional publishing.

What is the best self publishing company?

10 Best Self-Publishing Companies

  • Blurb.
  • Book Baby.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • Xlibris.
  • Outskirts.
  • Kobo.
  • Virtual Bookworm. With a four to six week turnaround for your book, you can be on a bestseller list in no time.
  • CreateSpace. Another Amazon-owned company, CreateSpace is widely favored by first-time, budget-conscious authors.

Is self publishing better than traditional publishing?

Book distribution is much easier as a traditionally published author, mostly because you don’t have to deal with any of it. Traditional publishing houses have very wide reaches and because of this, your book can reach a lot more stores in more places than if you traditionally publish.