Question: Is It Better To Buy Or Rent Books?

Typically, buyback programs don’t offer you as much money for your books.

So something you purchased for $75 might sell for $20 at the end of the semester.

Since you own the book, though, you also have the option to keep it for future reference or sell online.

Renting textbooks is much cheaper than purchasing books.

Is renting books for college a good idea?

In most cases, renting college textbooks is also usually cheaper than buying and then reselling your used book. Sometimes students will get lucky and be able to resell their textbook for a good price, but that typically doesn’t happen with every book, every semester.

How can I get cheap college books?

Buying On The Cheap

  • Bid on auctions or Buy It Now!
  • This site sells both new and used textbooks.
  • Better World Books. If you’re feeling charitable, Better World Books accepts used book donations to eliminate trash and resells them at a discount.
  • ecampus.

How much does it cost to rent a textbook?

Just like purchasing a book, it’s a good idea to comparison shop if you intend to rent college textbooks. The prices can vary from company to company. For example, if you needed to rent the “History of Modern Design,” the fee is about $35 on Barnes & Noble. Chegg has it for just $26.

Should I buy my books before the first day of college?

Generally, wait until you go to class before you purchase your books. Unless you’re explicitly told to get the book and do readings before class starts (yuck), I recommend waiting until you go to the first class and receive the syllabus before buying all required readings.