Question: How Long Does It Take To Write An Ebook?

Start writing (Days 5–25)

This is where the bulk of your time will be spent: 20 of your 30 days.

If you’re aiming for a 20,000 word ebook (around 80-100 pages, assuming you’re including a few images) then that breaks down to writing 1,000 words a day.

What is a good length for an ebook?

Ebook Word Count by Genre

A minimum count for a nonfiction ebook is about 10,000 words, as long as the content is solid. (Better to have solid, clear information than rambling to make a page count.) The average fiction book is about 80,000 to 100,000 words, which is about 246 to 307 ebook pages.

How long does it take to publish an ebook?

A traditional publisher generally takes 12–18 months to release a new book, depending on many factors such as the approval process, required editing, special cover art, the publisher’s production and marketing schedule and general market conditions.

How long should an Amazon ebook be?

For fiction, I recommend 5,000 words or more for short stories. In my experience, individual short stories don’t tend to sell well on Kindle compared to novels. For a novel, I would recommend at least 50,000 words in length. For a compilation of short stories, I would shoot for at least 30,000 words.

How do you structure an ebook?

How to Write an Ebook

  • Choose a topic that Matches your audience’s needs.
  • Outline each chapter of your ebook.
  • Break down each chapter as you write.
  • Design your ebook.
  • Use the right colors.
  • Incorporate visuals.
  • Highlight quotes or stats.
  • Place appropriate calls-to-action within your ebook.