Quick Answer: How Do I View A Mobi File?

The mobi file

  • Save the mobi file to a location you will be able to find easily.
  • Download and install Kindle for PC as instructed in the link. (You will need to have an Amazon account – free.)
  • Go to the mobi file that you saved, right click, select ‘Open with’ >’Kindle for PC’, and the ebook will (should) open.

What is a Mobi file and how do I open it?

A mobi file is basically a special ebook format created by Mobipocket. You can’t open .mobi files on Android devices or PCs by default.

Method 1: eReader Prestigio Book Reader

  1. Download and Install the app. App Logo.
  2. Open the App. Go through the tutorial.
  3. Go to File Manager.
  4. Open Your Mobi File.

10 Jun 2019

How do I convert a Mobi file to PDF?

Here’s how to convert MOBI to PDF using this app.

  • Install the app on your iDevice.
  • Choose a way to add your file to convert. (
  • From “To” section, tap “PDF Document (.pdf)” and then hit “Convert” button.
  • Wait for the app to finish the conversion, and then you can open or share the file you convert.

22 Jun 2018

What app can open Mobi files?

How to Open a MOBI File. Some notable free programs that can open MOBI files include Calibre, Stanza Desktop, Sumatra PDF, Mobi File Reader, FBReader, Okular, and Mobipocket Reader. MOBI files can also be read by popular eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and many smartphones that support the format.4 May 2019

How do I open a Mobi file on my Kindle app?

Launch Kindle for PC. You will see the Register page when you first run it. Sign in with your Amazon account. Locate the mobi file that you saved, right click, select ‘Open with’ > ‘Kindle for PC’, and the eBook will (should) open.