Quick Answer: How Do I Sell My Books To The Apple Store?

How do I sell my ebook on Apple Store?

Publish a book to the iBooks Store.

Make sure to use the latest version of iBooks Author to publish your book.

To check, choose Apple menu > App Store and click Updates in the toolbar.

With the book open, click Publish in the toolbar or choose File > Publish.

How do I publish my book on Apple Store?

Publish your book

  • Open the Pages document that you want to publish as a book.
  • On iPad or iPhone, tap the More button , then tap Publish to Apple Books. On Mac, choose File > Publish to Apple Books.
  • Tap or click Continue, then sign in to iTunes Connect.
  • Tap or click Continue.

Can you sell your iBooks?

If you want to sell your work in .ibooks format, you can sell it only through the Book Store in Apple Books. When you provide a work for free, you can distribute it in any format (including .ibooks) through the Book Store or by other means.

Can you make money with iBooks author?

iBooks Author in its current state is Apple only and iPad only. The iBooks Author licensing agreement says you can’t sell the output from iBooks Author anywhere but the Apple iBookstore, but your content is yours and you can use other tools to build for other ebook platforms.