Question: How Do I Get My Library Books On OverDrive?

How do I access my OverDrive library?

How to sign into the OverDrive app with a library card

  • When you open the OverDrive app for the first time, select Sign up (or Sign in).
  • Select Sign up using library card (or Sign in using library card).
  • Search for your library by name or location.
  • Select your library once you find it.
  • Enter your library card information, then click Sign in.

23 Jul 2019

How do I download books from library to OverDrive?

How to borrow and enjoy titles in the OverDrive app

  1. Install the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store and sign in.
  2. Add your library to the app and open its digital collection.
  3. Find an available title in your library’s collection and tap Borrow.
  4. Choose a lending period for the title (if available).

23 Jul 2019

Does my library use OverDrive?

If you don’t see your library or school on, they may not offer digital titles through OverDrive yet. Ask a library staff member or a teacher at your school to visit our company website to learn about building a digital collection through OverDrive.23 Jul 2019

Can I download library books to my iPad?

Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today! Each library builds its own collection of titles.10 Apr 2019