Question: How Do I Find IBooks On My IPhone?

Check iBooks Storage on Your iDevice

To verify, tap on Settings >General >iPhone Storage.

Wait for a few seconds and then scroll down till you locate Books.

Tap on Books/iBooks and make sure that the ‘Documents and Data’ row shows actual storage usage.11 Jul 2019

How do I get iBooks on my iPhone?


  • Open iBooks on your iPhone or iPad. The iBooks app looks like a white, open book in an orange square icon.
  • Tap Featured, Top Charts or Search at the bottom.
  • Tap a book.
  • Tap the book’s price.
  • Tap the blue GET button.
  • Tap the blue GET button in the confirmation pop-up.

26 Feb 2018

Where did my PDFs go in iBooks?

Restoring Missing PDFs in iBooks

  1. Close iBooks app & go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.
  2. Wait about 20+ seconds….NO rush or it won’t work!
  3. Once your device is reset & ready to use, go again to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud & turn the slider for iBooks back to ON position (it should be green).

17 Jan 2018

How do I get my library back on iBooks?

First, tap the book to open. If you are in the regular view, reading a page, just pinch the page to return to your library. If you have the menu open (one tap on the screen), you can tap “Library” in the top left corner of the screen to get back to your list of books.16 Feb 2015

How do I access iBooks?

Open iBooks

Double-click the file, or select the file and press Command + O, to open it in iBooks. To listen to the audio, highlight the text that you’d like to hear. Next, right-click and select More < Start Speaking.