How Do I Add Dropbox To My Activities On My IPhone?

To make the process easy, open an image in the Photos app and tap the share button (an upward arrow) then scroll to the far right of the bottom row of gray actions.

Next, tap more (…) and look for “Save to Dropbox” as an activity.

Toggle the switch on and drag the action to where you would like to save it.

How do I add activities to my iPhone?

Scroll all the way to the right and tap the More button. From the Activities menu, you will see any installed apps that support Action extensions listed below the default Action options. Tap the toggle switch to enable an Action extension for an app and add it to the row of Action options on the share/action panel.

How do I save files to Dropbox from iPhone?

How to upload multiple files to Dropbox at once using the Files app on iPhone and iPad

  • Open Files on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose the location that has the files you want to move to Dropbox.
  • Tap Select.
  • Tap the files you want to copy to Dropbox.
  • Tap the Move button (looks like a folder on iOS 12).
  • Tap Dropbox.

How do I add an app to Dropbox?

Create an App

  1. Visit the Dropbox App Console.
  2. Click the Create app button.
  3. Under Choose an API section, select Dropbox API.
  4. Under Choose the type of access you need, select Full Dropbox.
  5. Enter a name for your custom app.