Does Walmart Sell Kindles?

Wal-Mart will not order any more Kindles after its stock runs out, and Kindles will no longer be available at its Sam’s Club and divisions along with Walmart stores, said Sarah Spencer, a spokeswoman.

Does Walmart sell Fire tablets?

A third tablet, with a keyboard accessory, is on the way but has not shown up on Walmart’s website yet. Walmart’s low-cost tablets are in a similar price range to the Amazon Fire family of tablets. Last week, Amazon unveiled a refreshed version of the $50 Fire 7, the company’s best selling tablet.

Does Barnes and Noble sell Kindles?

It is important to remember that both stores sell proprietary e-books, meaning if you download an e-book through Amazon it will only work on Kindle devices. If you download a book from Barnes & Noble, it will only work on the Nook. Where Amazon beats the Nook is on price of e-books.

Does Walmart sell e readers?

The cards will roll out to 3,500 Walmart stores starting this week. Walmart will also sell Rakuten -owned Kobo e-readers both online and in stores. Today, customers will see a variety of Kobo e-readers for sale on Walmart’s e-commerce site, and later this week, Kobo Aura e-readers will hit 1,000 stores.

Can you buy a Kindle Fire in a store?

If you live in the United States, you can purchase Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets from, or from certain retail stores in the United States. Kindle content can be purchased from