Do Kindle Books Have Pictures?

A great weakness of the Kindle device is that it doesn’t display color, so color pictures on the Kindle apps open up a whole new world.

All Kindle books have a free sample that can be downloaded to the device and to the apps.

I’ve found some cases, however, in which the sample does have pictures, in the list below.

Do Kindles show pictures from books?

Yes, pictures do show up on Kindle books.

Do Kindle books have color pictures?

Kindles Are Black and White, but Make Your Images Color

The Kindle Fire tablet is full color and the Kindle apps for iOS, Android and desktops all view the books in color. So you should always use color images when possible.

Do ebooks have pictures?

Ebooks that do contain lots of images or photos don’t sell well; I’ve published a lot of picture books and it’s a small market. The majority of ebook readers are reading on e-ink devices like kindles, which display images as grainy greyscale. You can’t run text (or images) to the left or right of images (or text.)

Does the Kindle Paperwhite show pictures?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

At first glance, Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite e-ink e-reader looks a lot like last year’s Kindle Touch. That’s because aside from the missing physical home button, the chassis is mostly the same — and the two devices actually both weigh 7.5 ounces.