Can You Use Kindle On More Than One Device?

You can add multiple Kindles to your account.

If you buy a book on one Kindle, you can read it on another Kindle at the same time without having to buy it again.

The Manage Your Devices page lists all your Kindle devices (including any Kindle apps installed on your computer, tablet, or phone).

How do I use Kindle on multiple devices?

Method 1: Install free kindle reading app

  • Step1: Go to Amazon’s official site, and select the free kindle reading apps for your device.
  • Step 2: Register your Kindle app with amazon account.
  • Step 3: Buy and download books you like. After books downloaded, you can read them on your devices.

How many devices can I use Kindle on?

Most books you purchase from the Kindle store may be simultaneously accessed for your personal use on up to six Kindles or Kindle-compatible devices (such as Kindle for PC or Kindle for iPhone) registered to your account.

How do I add a second device to my Amazon Kindle account?

Click the “Sign In” button and enter the same email address and password used to register your second Kindle. You are logged in to your account. Click the “Manage Your Kindle” button in the “Kindle Support” section. The settings section for your Kindle devices is displayed.