Quick Answer: Can You Check Out Reference Books Library?

At the Downcity Library, most reference books can be checked out.

At the Harborside Library, reference books typically can’t be checked out, but you can ask a librarian at the main desk to see if we can make an exception.

Why can’t I always check out reference books?

Why can reference books be checked out?

Reference books cannot be checked out because they are intended to be available and quickly accessible by all students who may need to use these resources. Do not fret! Gale Virtual Reference Library and Sage Knowledge are two popular online collections of special subject encyclopedia articles.

What are the reference books in a library?

Types of Reference Books:

  • Language Dictionary.
  • Encyclopaedia.
  • Biographical Sources.
  • Directories.
  • Bibliographies.
  • Audio visual Materials.
  • Year-Books, Almanacs, and Supplements to encyclopaedia.
  • Geographical sources, Gazetteers, guide-books, maps, atlases etc.

How do I check out a book from the library?


  1. Get a library card.
  2. Choose your books.
  3. Be aware of lending limits.
  4. Take your books to the circulation desk for check-out.
  5. Use the self-checkout as an alternative.
  6. Set up your online account.
  7. Renew your books if you need more time.
  8. Learn to place holds on books.

How long can you check a book out from the library?

Books, Magazines, Audiobooks, CDs & DVDs: All materials can be checked out for 3 weeks, except entertainment DVD movies, which check out for 7 days. There may be a shorter period for Interlibrary Loan materials depending on restrictions from the lending library.