Question: Can I Share My Kindle Books With My Wife?

Share Kindle Books With Amazon Family Library.

Amazon now allows you to share your Kindle books with your spouse and your children.

The new “Family Library” is a bit confusing to set up but the effort is worth it if you want to read some of the books that have been purchased in your spouse’s Amazon account.

Can I share my Kindle books with my family?

Head to the Manage Your Content and Devices section of your Amazon account. Select the Show Family Library link from the Your Content tab. Select the book(s) you’d like to share with a family member, and then click Add to Library. Choose a family member, and then click OK.

Can you share Kindle Unlimited with family?

Although Prime benefits can be shared with a friend or spouse (including the access to music and videos), you cannot share your Kindle Unlimited benefits with another account. Not even your spouse’s. But, you can read and listen to Kindle Unlimited books from multiple devices.

How many devices can you have on one Kindle account?

The ability to share books under one account with up to 5 other Kindle-related devices is a popular topic on the various Kindle forums, as Amazon allows a Kindle book to be shared by up to 6 Kindle-related devices under one person’s account, with the owner of that account responsible for all purchases/downloads of

Can I share my Kindle account?

With Family Library, you can share select Kindle books with the other members of your Amazon Household. You can link Amazon accounts to create an Amazon Household from your Kindle e-reader. You can find content shared through Family Library in the Cloud tab of your Kindle.