Question: Can I Buy Books For My Kindle From Anywhere?

I do know, however, that it is entirely possible to buy an ebook from someplace other than Amazon and load it onto your Kindle, provided that the book you buy is DRM free.

I will demonstrate how, using Kobo as my alternate store and Greg van Eekhout’s Far as You Can Go short story as a demonstration case.

Where can I purchase books for my Kindle?

You can purchase Kindle books at any time using a web browser. Visit Kindle Store to start browsing.

To purchase Kindle books using your reading app:

  • Tap the Store tab or Shop in Kindle Store.
  • Browse or search for the Kindle titles you want to read.
  • Select Buy Now.

Can you put books you own on your Kindle?

Good news, though! According to that Kindle Convert video, once you’ve scanned in a book–but before converting it into an ebook–you’ll enter the title and author; at that point, Amazon will let you know whether the book is already available as a Kindle book and, if so, give you the option to just buy that book.

Can I buy Kindle books outside US?

You can buy Kindle books from the Kindle Store if you live outside the United States.

How do I buy Kindle book after sample?

Kindle Samples

  1. From your computer: Go to the Kindle Store, and then search for the book you’re interested in purchasing.
  2. From your device or reading app: Open the Kindle Store, search for the book you’re interested in purchasing, and then select the Try a Sample or Download Sample button.

Is Kindle worth buying?

Yes, it’s definitely 100% worth every penny.

Reason: There are still some books so graphically rich that there isn’t a Kindle version (mobi version) for them. While there is no Kindle version for some very famous competition books.

How do you buy a book on Amazon Kindle?

Buy & Download Kindle Content

  • To open the Kindle Store, tap Books or Newsstand, and then tap Store.
  • When you are ready to purchase a title: Tap the Buy button to purchase a book or single newspaper or magazine issue. Tap the Subscribe button to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine.
  • Tap the Home icon to view and open your new Kindle content.

How can I get Kindle books for free?

Download free Kindle books from these 12 sites

  1. Kindle Store. There are a lot of free ebooks in the Kindle Store itself.
  2. Project Gutenberg. We made such lists for other ebookstores, and Project Gutenberg is always there.
  3. Smashwords.
  4. Internet Archive.
  5. Open Library.
  6. Munseys.
  7. Feedbooks.
  8. Mobipocket.

When you buy a book on Amazon do you get the Kindle version?

The premise is simple: Buy a paper book from Amazon, and you can have the Kindle version for $3, $2, $1 or free, depending on the title. This includes books you’ve purchased from Amazon “all the way back to 1995—when Amazon first opened its online bookstore,” according to the company’s press release.

How do I buy Kindle books from another country?

Hover over the Account and Lists dropdown and select Your Content and Devices. Enter the address you want to use in the country you want to change to and click Update. And just like that, Amazon thinks you’re a resident somewhere else. You’ll then be able to purchase items from that country’s Kindle Store.

Why can’t I buy Kindle books on Amazon?

The new Kindle app still has one glaring omission on the iPhone and iPad: You can’t actually buy a book. The only way to buy an e-book from Amazon (AMZN) on an Apple device is to log in to on the Safari web browser. Amazon Prime members have access to more than 1,000 books and magazines through the app.

Can I gift a Kindle book to someone in another country?

You can send or receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own an Amazon device. Recipients can read a Kindle book gift on a supported Amazon device or Kindle reading app. Before you purchase a Kindle book as a gift, make sure that the recipient’s email address is valid.